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Human Papilloma Virus - HPV
How dangerous is HPV? The medical facts may surprise you!
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Anal Warts

Condyloma acuminata (venereal warts) may be found on the perianal skin, in the anal canal, on the distal rectal mucosa, and/or on the genitalia. They may be associated with a variety of symptoms such as itching, occasional bleeding, difficulty with anal hygiene, and odor. Condylomata are commonly transmitted by anal sexual activity, but they may be found in heterosexual individuals and in children. A viral infection (the human papilloma virus - HPV) is the cause of the condition. Since we cannot directly cure the viral infection, treatment is based upon destruction of the cells within which the viruses live.

Most lesions are raised, slightly lobulated warts. There may be a few or many, and they may be small or large. Treatment may be accomplished in a variety of ways, depending upon the location and number of lesions. If there are only a few warts, may be tried to chemically destroy them. However, if the condylomata are on the inside of the anal canal, the agents will not stick to the moist surfaces. If they are inside or there are many lesions, a minor surgical procedure is necessary to destroy the warts.

A most important feature of condyloma is their tendency to reappear. The appearance of new condyloma does not necessarily mean that they were missed at previous treatment, but that they were too small to be detected by the eye. As they grow, they may be seen and treated appropriately. Therefore, close follow-up examination at regular intervals is necessary. Our usual routine after the initial procedure to remove the condyloma is to examine the area at 3-week intervals for 3 visits. If there are no new lesions, then the intervals between visits are increased to 6 weeks for 2 visits and then to 3 months. Patients are followed for 1 year after the last lesion is removed.

It is very important to know that warts are contagious and may be transmitted to other people coming in contact with them. This is especially true after treatment when microscopic warts may still be present and not yet detectable. Human skin-to-skin contact will spread the disease; therefore, avoidance of sexual contact during treatment and the use of condoms after treatment is completed is strongly encouraged, but does not guarantee protection. Hands should be washed thoroughly after any contact with the genital area.

Although more than one treatment is often necessary, condyloma acuminata can be treated successfully. Careful follow up to detect new lesions and care of the area are very important for complete cure.

Taken from: GW Medical Facility

Anal Warts - Alternative Names:

Anal HPV, Anal Condyloma, Anal Intraepithelial Neoplasia, Anal HPV Lesions, Venereal Warts

Anal Warts - Common Misspellings:

Anel Warts, Anul Warts, Anall Warts, Annal Warts

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